RNB Amplified is the UK’s number 1 platform for RNB, and was created to support UK RNB talent at all levels. We do this by providing a directory that covers many categories showcasing UK material.

As UK RNB is known to be somewhat non-existent and scattered in small silos across the UK, it makes it difficult for artists to be heard or seen. This results in labels investing and signing; Drill, Afro Beat, Grime and Trap acts over new RNB talent. With many of our past stars looking to break into the United States, as there wasn’t much support here.

We wanted to change all that and create a space where artists can promote their creations, keep up-to-date and learn from other UK artists, along with documenting and nurturing our UK scene.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a pathway for UK RNB and generate new Global stars!